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Multiple clients on server-rpi??

See original GitHub issue

Subject says it all … i’ve tried to wrap the start_feed function with a bool so as not to start the spawned process a second time but I don’t get any output on the second client; the first continues to work fine.

Any ideas?

start_feed() {
        if (this.isFeedStarted) {

        var readStream = this.get_feed();
        this.readStream = readStream;

        readStream = readStream.pipe(new Splitter(NALseparator));
        readStream.on("data", this.broadcast);
        this.isFeedStarted = true;

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  • Created 7 years ago
  • Comments:8 (1 by maintainers)

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KevinNovakcommented, Apr 14, 2018

@131 Could you post your implementation of multiple listeners?

pimterrycommented, Sep 10, 2017

@adrhc I’m not sure exactly why what you’re doing isn’t working, but you might be interested in I wrote this up as a solution for the original issue here generally for the raspivid case. Like the code in this repo, it creates a stream of frames, but it ensures there’s only one video streaming process, and keeps track of the overall stream state it has already seen, to let it create new streams for later consumers, who can then start watching from the current live stream too.

Code is here - it works by storing the initial SPS and PPS (configuration) frames sent when the raspivid process first starts streaming, and then keeping track of the latest IDR (full non-diff) frame as the videos plays. Whenever a client joins, that client is sent those original SPS & PPS frames, followed by the latest IDR frame, and then the rest of the stream from wherever it is currently. I’m not sure exactly how that maps to your situation, but it’s a good solution for anybody pulling video from raspivid, and hopefully it’s helpful!

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