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Map to existing Chrome shortcuts

See original GitHub issue

Not sure what I’m doing wrong but I just can’t get any custom key mappings in cVim to override existing built-in mappings in Chrome. For example

map <C-f> scrollPageDown
map <C-b> scrollPageUp
map <C-o> goBack
map <C-i> goForward

Doesn’t get me the expected vim (and vimperator) bindings for scrolling one page up or down or moving around in history. CTRL-f brings up the Chrome Find popup, CTRL-o the Chrome Open window. CTRL-b doesn’t result in anything at all.

Other mappings for non-CTRL bindings works like a charm. What am I missing?

Chrome version 51.0.2704.106 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Linux.

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  • Created 7 years ago
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rosshaddencommented, Nov 10, 2016

Found it:

This is definitely my issue. If true for @phlundblom, we can close.

rosshaddencommented, Nov 11, 2016

By the way, @phlundblom, I ended up mapping things to the key that would be qwerty:

map <C-d> scrollDown
map <C-t> scrollUp
map <C-h> scrollPageDown
map <C-f> scrollPageUp
map <C-y> scrollFullPageDown
map <C-n> scrollFullPageUp

instead of e, y, d, u, f, and b, respectively. It works well until they fix it in chromium.

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