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No delay on scroll option

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When I press d or j page scrolls down by some distance, then stops, then starts again and moves constantly.

Is it possible to add option enabling scrolling without that delay? Vimium has this feature.

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  • Created 6 years ago
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zhdanjjcommented, Dec 8, 2017

No, it just disables smoothness. Here is example: on Windows, if you set cursor in a text field and press and hold b key, OS inserts one b character, then waits about second then starts to insert it repeatedly with almost no delay. cVim works now the same way.

In orher words, whether I hold j key for 200ms or 500ms scroll distance will be the same.

Here is example of cVim example

And this is Vimium vimium

braun-stevencommented, Jan 11, 2019

Quick and dirty fix: Install cVim and Vimium, set Vimium config to:

map j scrollDown
map k scrollUp
map h scrollLeft
map l scrollRight
map u scrollPageUp
map d scrollPageDown

Add this to your cVim config:

unmap h j k l d u

This enables the smooth h j k l and u/d navigation without the first keypress delay and lets you use cVim for everything else.

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