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Add pytest unit tests to `data_builder`

See original GitHub issue

It would be great to have some unit tests for the methods in data_builder to help find edge cases in data formatting. I’m happy to start up a suite using pytest - please let me know if I should proceed and I’ll start a PR.

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ubershmekelcommented, Jun 6, 2020

@ShaynaCummings this looks good to me. If you’re available for more test ideas, here are some that would rely on running process_md_texts:

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That branch looks ready for a PR…

ubershmekelcommented, Jun 6, 2020

@ShaynaCummings if you prefer - you can just commit the tests and I’ll hook them up to the github action, or you can cover that in your PR as well.

To test the action, fork the repo, author your new test action, make a PR to your fork, and check if the tests pass or don’t based on what’s in the PR. The PR should show a nice big red X or green circle I think if everything got glued. There might even be a way to output exactly which tests failed on which data points.

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