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Webpack doesn't combine all images into single sprite

See original GitHub issue

I use code to express my mean:

// aa.css
.a {
  background: url(./img/sprites/default/table/edit-icon.png)

// bb.css
.b {
  background: url(./img/sprites/default/table/offline-icon.png)
// main.js

when I use webpack, generated a sprite : sprite.table.png, but only offline-icon was bundle into sprite.table.png, the correct result should be sprite.table.png include edit-icon.png and offline-icon.png both. when use require and run loader once and you cann’t make cache for this, so the ‘wrong’ result appear

can you solve the question ?

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jednanocommented, Feb 24, 2017

I use the following webpack CSS rule:

exports.css = {
    test: /\.css$/,
    use: [
            loader: 'postcss-loader',
            options: { plugins: postcssInit }

function postcssInit() {
    const sheetName = basename(this.resourcePath, '.css');
    return, { sheetName });

function loadPlugins({ sheetName }) {
    return [
        // some plugins...
            groupBy: () => Promise.resolve(sheetName),
            // more opts...
        // more plugins...

See for some more details about my setup as well as

Chorercommented, Aug 18, 2021

same issue+1

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