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Conversion to JSON with DataToDictionary().Convert() is not outputting the new GPS Coordinates data correctly

See original GitHub issue

I’m submitting a bug report about the GPS Coordinates getting encoded to JSON incorrectly when doing this ToSic.Sxc.Conversion.DataToDictionary(false).Convert(App.Data["Location"]);

[x] JS development [x] Content Types or data management [x] APIs like REST

Current behavior As you can see on line 15 of this output, the GPS coordinates are being encoded as a string with the quotes escaped. Compare that to line 24 and the output of the _2sxcEditInfo image

Expected behavior Though obviously we can code around it, I believe this is a bug and needs to be fixed so that the results at line 15 look like this with lattitude and longitude as numbers (not strings).

        "GPS": {
            "lattitude": 40.123123123,
            "logitude": -88.321321321

Minimal reproduction of the problem with instructions Just output the 2sxc Content-App 11.03 Location content-type using .Convert() (see above) to JSON.

Please tell us about your environment: 2sxc 11.6.1 on DNN 9.07.02, 2sxc Content App is 11.03 from appx May 15.

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  • State:closed
  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:7 (4 by maintainers)

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jeremy-farrancecommented, Sep 28, 2020

Yes, because - you are right - some changes are light/minor. But in the two cases above, fields were added, deleted, and renamed. It’s also hard to answer because your implementation of ‘formula rules’ may also fall way short of my expectations. 😉

iJungleboycommented, Oct 13, 2020

as of now, I don’t think we should or can quick-fix this, simply because it’s hard to guess what would break in the wild. Since the value is also a string in razor, requiring AsDynamic(item.GPS) to work as an object, we believe it should be clear what’s happening.

So we’ll leave it as is.

If somebody would like it to be optimized as pure json coming from the server, just create your own backend.

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