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From PDNS: Another fix length of 7, a-z. tlds: [ru, com]

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  • The range of 3ld is from ‘update’ to ‘update33’.
  • Sample domains from PDNS.

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  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:8 (3 by maintainers)

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baderjcommented, Dec 11, 2017

There is a DGA in the binary. It generates a new domain every 10 seconds

void __stdcall __noreturn query_fake_domains(LPVOID lpThreadParameter)
  signed int i; // esi@1
  int attempts; // esi@3
  CHAR full_domain; // [esp+4h] [ebp-80h]@4
  char domain[4]; // [esp+44h] [ebp-40h]@2

  while ( 1 )
      i = 0;
        domain[i++] = rand() % 25 + 'a';
      while ( i < 7 );
      *&domain[i] = 'ur.';
      attempts = 0;
    while ( number_of_resolves <= 0 );
      wsprintfA(&full_domain, pFakeDomainPattern, attempts, domain);
      if ( inet_addr(domain) == -1 && !gethostbyname(domain) )
    while ( attempts < number_of_resolves );

The PRNG is seeded with GetTickCount and the domains are therefore not predictable. The domains look like the hardcoded domains though, and I think they are used as decoys.

suqitiancommented, Dec 19, 2017

Finding an analysis article on this issue, unfortunately, is in Chinese. http[:]// Also found another hash with this DGA:

MD5:      54b5e6ae6a4eb6139b10d4ad25df32c2
SHA1:     9f479661020ccb94792315b2ae07738bdb4912cb
SHA256: 4cef263eba381523aa3ad23235e9d512028f41466f2ad1f4319ea4aa8c4d562d
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