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Cannot enable destructuring assignment to axios methods when apply this library

See original GitHub issue


I cannot use tough cookie jar support v 0.5.0 with axios 0.19.0. on Noe.js v10.13.0

I have tried the example you have in the but it is not working for me:

const axios = require('axios').default;

const axiosCookieJarSupport = require('axios-cookiejar-support').default;
const tough = require('tough-cookie');

const instance = axios.create({
  // WARNING: This value will be ignored.
  jar: new tough.CookieJar(),

// Set directly after wrapping instance.
instance.defaults.jar = new tough.CookieJar();

const { get, post } = instance;

The code fails here:

In the packaged lib its L73 in /lib/index.js:

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 11 28 48


fixed it by using instance instead of this in the anonymous function:


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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

3846masacommented, Jul 3, 2019

First, this two codes have same behavior, so my code hasn’t to modify for using normally. (See for more details)

function Test {
Test.prototype.get = function () {
const test = new Test();
function Test {
const test = new Test();
test.get = function () {

However, axios will bind this to own prototype when creating instance.

Because of that, you can apply destructuring assignment to axios methods in current version.

I know it, but this behavior isn’t basic prototype behavior, so I decide I won’t support destructuring assignment.

FYI: If you want to use destructuring assignment, you can write wrapper code to bind this as below.

import _axiosCookieJarSupport from 'axios-cookiejar-support';

function bind(instance) {
  Object.getOwnPropertyNames(instance).forEach((key) => {
    if (typeof instance[key] === 'function') {
      instance[key] = instance[key].bind(instance);

export function axiosCookieJarSupport(instance) {

  if (instance.create) {
    const create = instance.create;
    instance.create = function() {
      return bind(create.apply(this, arguments));

  return instance;
import axios from 'axios';
import { axiosCookieJarSupport } from './axios-cookiejar-support';


const { get } = axios;

akirilyukcommented, Jul 3, 2019

Thank you very much for this detailed answer!

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