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Apologies for yet another issue, I did search first but didn’t see this one yet. Closest I found was but it’s not my problem Maybe related to . . .

The question is related to:

  • DllExport -version:1.7.4
  • Copy-paste from Data tab:
Installed: True; 1.7.4+c1cc52f; invoked: 1.7.4
Project type: CsSdk
Storage: ProjectFiles
Compiler.Platform: Auto
Compiler.ordinalsBase: 1
Compiler.rSysObj: False
Compiler.ourILAsm: False
Compiler.genExpLib: False
Compiler.peCheck: PeIl
Compiler.patches: None
PreProc.Type: None
PostProc.Type: None
PostProc.ProcEnv: $(SolutionPath);$(MSBuildThisFileFullPath)
Identifier: 9CDCCAD3-44FB-4AB5-89DD-73FF014FFD47
Instance: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\2022\Preview\MSBuild\Current\Bin\amd64\MSBuild.exe
Project path: C:\Users\asdf\Documents\Projects\asdf\asdf\Installer\Dotnet\Dotnet\Dotnet.csproj
Action: Configure
PlatformTarget: x86
TargetFramework: net472
RootNamespace: Installer.Dotnet
MetaLib: tools\raw\lib\net20\DllExport.dll
MetaCor: tools\raw\lib\netstd\DllExport.dll
StoragePath: .net.dllexport.targets
ddNS: Installer.Dotnet
ddNS max buffer: 500
UseCecil: True
intermediateFiles: True
timeout: 30000
Options: None
RootPath: C:\Users\asdf\Documents\Projects\asdf\asdf\Installer\Dotnet\
PkgPath: C:\Users\asdfDocuments\Projects\asdf\asdf\Installer\Dotnet\packages\\DllExport.1.7.4\
SlnDir: C:\Users\asdfDocuments\Projects\asdf\asdf\Installer\Dotnet\
DxpTarget: tools\net.r_eg.DllExport.targets
MsgGuiLevel: -1


When I try to debug my project with DLLExport function from a unit-test, Visual Studio asks me to locate the {projectName}.il file?

Any idea how I can resolve this?

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  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:10 (5 by maintainers)

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3Fcommented, Feb 21, 2022

No. It will just produce both x86 and x64 modules in individual folders (i.e. $(TargetDir)\x86 and $(TargetDir)\x64). There is nothing incompatible for your task. You need only select “x86+x64” when configuring, then Apply. It should help until fix.

CoenraadScommented, Feb 27, 2022


Hi, I think the easiest way to reproduce is to run it from InnoSetup

I made a minimal example, just run the script from InnoSetup and it will automatically launch the debugger and give the .il error

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