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ILMerge operation

See original GitHub issue


I’m unable to merge my dll EZreceiptDll2.dll with Newtonsoft.Json.dll. Is there any detail I missed?

Here is my options:

Screen Shot 2021-01-08 at 4 45 25 PM

Here is my ILMerge configuration: (BTW, I’m not very sure what to write down in this textarea)

Screen Shot 2021-01-08 at 4 45 15 PM

Information from Data tab:

Installed: True; 1.7.4+c1cc52f; invoked: 1.7.4
Project type: Cs
Storage: ProjectFiles
Compiler.Platform: x86
Compiler.ordinalsBase: 1
Compiler.rSysObj: False
Compiler.ourILAsm: False
Compiler.genExpLib: False
Compiler.peCheck: PeIl
Compiler.patches: None
PreProc.Type: ILMerge, DebugInfo, IgnoreErr
PreProc.Cmd: Newtonsoft.Json.dll EZreceiptDll2.dll
PostProc.Type: Predefined, DependentX86X64, SeqDependentForSys
PostProc.ProcEnv: $(SolutionPath);$(MSBuildThisFileFullPath);TargetDir
PostProc.Cmd: ...
Identifier: 5F0765BA-6964-4A7D-AC90-D7DD394FC718
Instance: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\Community\MSBuild\Current\Bin\amd64\MSBuild.exe
Project path: C:\Users\jackkuo\Desktop\EZreceiptDll2\EZreceiptDll2.csproj
Action: Configure
PlatformTarget: x86
TargetFrameworkVersion: v4.7.2
RootNamespace: EZreceiptDll2
AssemblyName: EZreceiptDll2
MgrArgs: -action Configure
MetaLib: tools\raw\lib\net20\DllExport.dll
MetaCor: tools\raw\lib\netstd\DllExport.dll
StoragePath: .net.dllexport.targets
ddNS: System.Runtime.InteropServices
ddNS max buffer: 500
UseCecil: True
intermediateFiles: False
timeout: 30000
Options: None
RootPath: C:\Users\jackkuo\Desktop\EZreceiptDll2\
PkgPath: C:\Users\jackkuo\Desktop\EZreceiptDll2\packages\\DllExport.1.7.4\
SlnDir: C:\Users\jackkuo\Desktop\EZreceiptDll2\
DxpTarget: tools\net.r_eg.DllExport.targets
MsgGuiLevel: -1

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  • Created 3 years ago
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3Fcommented, Jan 8, 2021


Good! Just a few clarifications:

.\DllExport.bat -action Configure

the Configure is the default action for 1.6.3+ thus it can be simply omitted. Other commands here.

Also, some specific namespace is not required. I don’t know Chinese but it was translated as

“2. Select the corresponding Namespace and use it here … (need to be introduced separately)”

You can also point to the following important places:

And welcome if you want push some example for python, here


JackKuo-twcommented, Jan 8, 2021

@3F Here is a new step-by-step tutorial blog post in Traditional Chinese. (maybe you could use Google Translate XD) It’s welcome to use my screenshot to write an English version ~

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