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Migration instructions from react-router@3

See original GitHub issue

Hey, great project!

We use react-router@3 at the moment, but not really sure if migrating to @4 is going to happen any time soon, if ever. So, found looks like a great alternative as soon as some migration instructions from react-router will be available — I’m sure lots of people will appreciate that. Thanks

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taioncommented, Nov 8, 2016

Good idea. For now, the capsule summary is:

  • getChildRoutes and getIndexRoute are gone; no replacement intended in the near future
  • route components use Component as the property rather than component
  • path matching now uses Path-to-RegExp, mostly matching the Express syntax; biggest change is that it’s now foo/:optionalParam? instead of foo(/:optionalParam)
  • top-level router setup looks a little different – see the examples; biggest change is that the route config is now static
  • no explicit default/index routes; they’re just routes without paths now
  • getComponent doesn’t take a callback for async any more; if you want it to be async, return a promise
  • onEnter and onChange are gone; you can do the same thing in render now by throwing a RedirectException, but you have to also return the element (by default just <Component {...props} /> if both are resolved)
  • onLeave is gone
  • transition hooks work differently; it’s router.addTransitionHook now, and they trigger on any navigation
  • router middlewares have been replaced by a couple of more specialized APIs (resolveElement and render on the router)
  • Found uses Redux and renders its own <Provider> by default; you’ll need to enhance your store per the docs if you’re using your own Redux store
idolizecommented, Apr 8, 2017

@taion Why the removal of onEnter and onLeave? I can see how the introduction of getData and render reduces the need for such explicit hooks, but I can still imagine some use cases for them (i.e. triggering an action to reset some redux state when the user leaves a given route).

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