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Equipment category schema rationalization

See original GitHub issue

There’s a general schema for links to other entities that looks like this:

"equipment_category": {
  "index": "armor",
  "name": "Armor",
  "url": "/api/equipment-categories/armor"

But most of the subcategories in 5e-SRD-Equipment.json look like this instead:

"armor_category": "Light",

The one exception to this is gear_category:

"gear_category": {
  "index": "standard-gear",
  "name": "Standard Gear",
  "url": "/api/equipment-categories/standard-gear"

My initial thought was that the categories that were represented as simple strings weren’t found in 5e-SRD-Equipment-Categories.json, but nope:

  "index": "light-armor",
  "name": "Light Armor",
  "equipment": [
      "index": "padded",
      "name": "Padded",
      "url": "/api/equipment/padded"
      "index": "leather",
      "name": "Leather",
      "url": "/api/equipment/leather"
      "index": "studded-leather",
      "name": "Studded Leather",
      "url": "/api/equipment/studded-leather"
  "url": "/api/equipment-categories/light-armor"

I’m not sure what the policy is for breaking changes.

  1. Can I put up a PR to fix this?
  2. Since all of the subcategory types (gear_category, armor_category, vehicle_category, tool_category, weapon_category) appear at first glance to be mutually exclusive, can this be consolidated as an equipment_subcategory field?

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  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:7 (1 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

MikkelPaulsoncommented, Aug 12, 2021

I’ll get there at some point if you (or someone else) doesn’t beat me to it. I’m not working on integrating SRD data sets right now, so further data cleanups have been bumped to the back burner for me, but you’ll know next time I do. 🙂

bagelbitscommented, Dec 9, 2022

@MikkelPaulson I had an idea related to this in another issue where it might make more sense to combine these like so:

  "equipment_categories": [{
    "index": "weapon",
    "name": "Weapon",
    "url": "/api/equipment-categories/weapon"
  }, {
    "index": "martial-melee-weapons",
    "name": "Martial Melee Weapons",
    "url": "/api/equipment-categories/martial-melee-weapons"
  }, {
    "index": "martial-weapons",
    "name": "Martial Weapons",
    "url": "/api/equipment-categories/martial-weapons"
  }, {
    "index": "melee-weapons",
    "name": "Melee Weapons",
    "url": "/api/equipment-categories/melee-weapons"
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