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under classes/barbarian/levels there are 2 level 6 objects. its not an exact duplicate though since the 1st one has information that the other is missing and vice versa. I believe the correct object should be:

		"level": 6,
		"ability_score_bonuses": 1,
		"prof_bonus": 3,
		"feature_choices": [],
		"features": [
				"index": "mindless-rage",
				"name": "Mindless Rage",
				"url": "/api/features/mindless-rage"
		"class_specific": {
			"creating_spell_slots": [],
			"rage_count": 4,
			"rage_damage_bonus": 2,
			"brutal_critical_dice": 0
		"index": "barbarian-6",
		"class": {
			"index": "barbarian",
			"name": "Barbarian",
			"url": "/api/classes/barbarian"
		"subclass": {
			"index": "berserker",
			"name": "Berserker",
			"url": "/api/subclasses/berserker"
		"url": "/api/classes/barbarian/levels/6"

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  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:8 (2 by maintainers)

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fergcbcommented, May 21, 2021

I’m aware that they exist. I was just offering an alternative given the suggestion that having all the levels (subclass or not) in the /classes/{index}/levels might be confusing.

My suggestion of a query parameter on that endpoint would allow consumers to query levels for a base class and a particular subclass. An absence of that parameter would just return the base levels.

E.g. /classes/barbarian/levels?subclass=beserker could return all the base barbarian levels and the barbarian>berserker levels.

I hope that makes more sense?

bagelbitscommented, Aug 3, 2021

Oh. This is an issue for the API and not the database I believe. I’ll migrate it over.

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