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Separating Routes?

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The example in the README for the server renderer is basically a catch-all route: return (req, res, next) => {. What if you want to have multiple routes react differently? Do you have to check for the request url and a bunch of if/else statements? Or is there access to app somewhere that allows you to add other app.use statements for different routes (or other things, like adding middleware for example)?

Hopefully what I’m asking is clear enough to understand. I’m a node newb so pardon my ignorance.

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reintroducingcommented, May 24, 2019

good to know, thanks for your help. i don’t have an immediate need to do this right now, it was more of a theoretical question for when the need arises, so i’ll try it when that happens. i’ll close the issue for now, thank you.

richardscarrottcommented, May 24, 2019

The router would be returned from your server renderer function, e.g.

export default function serverRenderer() {
    const router = Router();
    (req, res, next) => {
            <!doctype html>
                <div id="root">
                    ${renderToString(<App />)}
                <script src="/client.js"></script>
    return router;

However, for any routes unrelated to server side rendering such as a healthcheck (usually any code that doesn’t need to be compiled with webpack) you can just mount them in your main app before you mount the server renderer.

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