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TypeError: serverRenderer is not a function on initial page load

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I was getting an error from the title when I started my server and opened my browser before compilation was finished. After compilation was done, everything started to work perfectly. So it seems that webpack-dev-middleware didn’t put serving responses on hold during code compilation, despite the fact my setup was according to the docs.

What helped me was adding serverSideRender: true to webpack-dev-middleware, but it was not mentioned in the docs, that’s why I am asking, if anyone experienced similar issue? I yes, I could create a PR to mention this in the docs.

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klis87commented, Jun 29, 2017

@richardscarrott Apologies it took so long but I have just made an example repo:

Just yarn install and yarn start and load localhost:3000 before webpack ends compiling. Of course you could switch yarn with npm without a problem 😃

klis87commented, Jul 14, 2017

@richardscarrott Thanks for your investigation. I just created a pull request - #34 .

I think your PR to webpack-dev-middleware is a good idea. I think serverSideRender is a confusing name for this option. I am not sure however whether alwaysWaitForBuild would be self-explanatory either 😃 I am just not sure what this option really does under the hood and what it really should mean for the library users.

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