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appendCellHtml ignores numeric value

See original GitHub issue

There was a feature added in appendCellHtml - supporting complex formatters results (formatterResult). When it returns an object instead of string. Nice but it breaks existing code when formatter returns simple non-string value, i.e. number or Date. In this case the value is just ignored.

Current code:

      var formatterResult =  getFormatter(row, m)(row, cell, value, m, item);
      // if there is a corresponding row (if not, this is the Add New row or this data hasn't been loaded yet)
      if (item) {
        stringArray.push(typeof formatterResult === 'string' ? formatterResult : formatterResult.text);

if formatterResult is a Number then nothing happens.

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  • State:closed
  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:5 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

6paccommented, Jun 21, 2017

OK, you’ve convinced me. It’s in the spec, and my suggestion doesn’t cover a Date. Also tweaked the other typeofs, that makes sense.

This has been committed and referenced to this issue. Happy to take pull requests!

evil-shrikecommented, Jun 20, 2017

Ok, in this case it will work. But in general Object.prototype.toString is pretty common approach (v === Object(v) is another), see for details.

Also I noticed there’re other checks with typeof for selectable and focusable. It’s better to check for !== undefined, any value means it’s specified, then convert it to a boolean: instead

      if (rowMetadata && typeof rowMetadata.selectable === "boolean") {
        return rowMetadata.selectable;


      if (rowMetadata && rowMetadata.selectable !== "undefined") {
        return !!rowMetadata.selectable;
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