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The only RoleTask does not exit after completion

See original GitHub issue


I’ve got a Cats IO based application with only RoleTask bootstrapped. Distage version: 1.0.8 My RoleTask contains long, blocking piece of code - but it doesn’t blocks forever.

I thought, that after completion of role’s start() method the application must exit - but it doesn’t. Am I wrong, assuming this behaviour?

My role looks something like this:

class MyTaskRole(
    sender: MySender[IO],
    @Id("myTask-role-logger") logger: Logger[IO]
) extends RoleTask[IO] {

  override def start(
      roleParameters: RawEntrypointParams,
      freeArgs: Vector[String]
  ): IO[Unit] =
    for {
      _ <-"Running sending task")
      _ <- sender.sendBatchesUntilEmpty
      _ <-"Sending task complete!")
    } yield ()

object MyTaskRole extends RoleDescriptor {
  override def id: String = "myTaskRole"

  object Plugin extends PluginDef {
      new RoleModuleDef {

sender.sendBatchesUntilEmpty is a blocking call, performing a long, blocking task. After its completion I see “Sending task complete!” message among logs. Also, I observe that line:

I 2021-08-04T17:48:26.407 (RoleAppEntrypoint.scala:82) …AppEntrypoint.Impl.runRoles [31:ioapp-compute-0] phase=late No services to run, exiting…

But, as I have already mentioned, application does not exit.

Here is example of my launcher - maybe it helps somehow. I had not override anything here.

object Launcher extends LauncherCats[IO] {

  implicit val ec: ExecutionContextExecutor =

  implicit val contextShiftIO: ContextShift[IO] = IO.contextShift(ec)

  implicit val concurrentEffectIO: ConcurrentEffect[IO] = IO.ioConcurrentEffect

  implicit val timerIO: Timer[IO] = IO.timer(ec)

  override protected def pluginConfig: PluginConfig =

  object DI extends PluginDef {
    // a bunch of include(...) directives

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  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:7 (4 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

amricko0bcommented, Sep 6, 2021

Oh, now I understand. Thanks, for explanation. My investigation took me very deep in details, but the answer was much more simple 😄

By the way, #1585 - great idea, will wait for that feature, but for now I’ll try the second option with helper)

I suppose this issue can be closed now. Again, thanks for your answers and patience)

neko-kaicommented, Sep 6, 2021

@amricko0b Thanks for the reproduction! The problem in this demo is caused by creating a global – and non-daemon, so it prevents the VM from closing – execution context which is then never closed.

Solution: In detail, this causes the VM to stuck and is generally preventable by either making thread pools daemonic using a custom ThreadFactory:

import scala.util.chaining.scalaUtilChainingOps

Executors.newFixedThreadPool(16, new ThreadFactory {
  def newThread(r: Runnable): Thread = new Thread(r).tap(_.setDaemon(true))

Or by closing the ExecutionContext properly using its .shutdown() method. Distage provides a Lifecycle.fromExecutorService helper for that:

make[ExecutionContext].fromResource {

Also I think this problem be avoided in the future with this change - we already supply default bindings for ExecutionContext, but only for ZIO right now, I fixed that oversight in the PR so you may use a default ExecutionContext @Id("cpu") without having to make a custom one.

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