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Does not check if -js-display: flex; already exists

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Issue Description

Multiple times across different projects, I’ve checked my css output after a while and saw this:

.rule { display: -webkit-flex; display: -ms-flexbox; -js-display: flex; -js-display: flex; -js-display: flex; -js-display: flex; -js-display: flex; -js-display: flex; -js-display: flex; -js-display: flex; -js-display: flex; display: flex; }

I’m not sure where in my CSS generation process the cause of this is, but if the flexibility postCSS plugin could check if -js-display: flex; already exists in the rule before adding a new one, it would safeguard against this sort of thing and make it easier to use.

The easy way to remove the extra -js-display: flex; rules is by deleting the css files and regenerating them. It would be nice if the extra -js-display: flex; rules were never added in the first place though.

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  • Created 7 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Dan503commented, Mar 11, 2016

Yep, tested and working now.

Thanks 😃

Dan503commented, Mar 11, 2016

Ahh ok, I was running postcss-flexibility 1.0.2. I’ll update and see if the issue is still happening.

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