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Numerical columns treated as categorical

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Hi guys,

I heard of PPS, through your article and was curious to test it. I have tried implementing it on some data I’ve been working on.

Unfortunately, I get numerous error messages when calculating the pps matrix :

Warning: The least populated class in y has only 1 members, which is too few. The minimum number of members in any class cannot be less than n_splits=4.

UndefinedMetricWarning: F-score is ill-defined and being set to 0.0 in labels with no predicted samples.

My guess is pps is considering my data to be categorical and therefore trying to apply classification with a huge number of labels.

Looking at how pps determines if the data is numerical or categorical, I cannot find the reason it would consider my data categorical :

  • The dtypes are int or float
  • The number of unique values is higher than 15 (except for 1 column which is equal to 15, but changing the NUMERIC_AS_CATEGORIC_BREAKPOINT constant to 10 does not resolve the problem)

Also, if I try to force the pps score to be calculated using task = ‘regression’, I get the following error :

‘DataFrame’ object has no attribute ‘dtype’

Here is my code :

import pandas as pd
import ppscore as pps

df = pd.read_csv('seattle_building_energy_benchmark.csv', sep = ';')




for col in df.columns: 
    pps.score(df, x = 'YearBuilt', y = col, task = None)

for col in df.columns: 
    pps.score(df, x = 'YearBuilt', y = col, task = 'regression')


Is there something I am missing ? If not, would you like me to share the data with you ? (I do not know which sharing method is more convenient for you)

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:6 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

8080labscommented, May 20, 2020

Yes, the data was very helpful - thank you for that!

alexandersmedleycommented, May 20, 2020

Hi Florian,

I’m happy to learn the data helped you identify the problems 😃

I had a hint the categorical breakpoint might not work but couldn’t be sure as the for loop was acting weird. Didn’t anticipate the x = y exception !

Thanks again for providing this package and taking the time to update and support it.



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