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ERROR : Native component for "RNSVGLinearGradient" does not exist

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Hello everyone, when use react-native-shadow, i got same error like this :

`Invariant Violation: Native component for “RNSVGLinearGradient” does not exist

This error is located at: in RNSVGLinearGradient (at LinearGradient.js:29) in LinearGradient (at BoxShadow.js:63) in RNSVGDefs (at Defs.js:8) in Defs (at BoxShadow.js:62) in RNSVGSvgView (at Svg.js:94) in Svg (at BoxShadow.js:61) in RCTView (at View.js:112) in View (at BoxShadow.js:60) in BoxShadow (at Card.js:18) in Card (at loginForm.js:12) in LoginForm (at authPage.cmp.js:90) in RCTView (at View.js:112) in View (at authPage.cmp.js:72) in AuthPage (created by Connect(AuthPage)) in Connect(AuthPage) (at Navigation.js:83) in Provider (at Navigation.js:82) in _class2 (at renderApplication.js:35) in RCTView (at View.js:112) in View (at AppContainer.js:102) in RCTView (at View.js:112) in View (at AppContainer.js:122) in AppContainer (at renderApplication.js:34)`

I installed this package by : npm i --save react-native-shadow and npm i --save react-native-svg.

Here is my code : const Card = ({style, children}) => { const shadowOpt = { width:100, height:100, color:"#000", border:2, radius:3, opacity:0.2, x:0, y:3, style:{marginVertical:5} } return( <BoxShadow setting={shadowOpt}> <View style={[styles.cardStyle, style]} > { children } </View> </BoxShadow> ) }

Also maybe need these information : "react": "16.0.0", "react-native": "0.51", "react-native-shadow": "^1.2.2", "react-native-svg": "^6.3.1",

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  • Created 5 years ago
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matveychukcommented, Apr 7, 2018

the same problem

artemgrygorcommented, Jun 6, 2018

I had the same problem. It works for me after react-native link react-native-svg. Also close your iPhone emulator and restart the project again.

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