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Not starting DDB-local when running sls offline

See original GitHub issue

Actual Behaviour

Not starting local dynamo when running sls offline

Steps to reproduce it

  - serverless-plugin-typescript
  - serverless-plugin-optimize
  - serverless-pseudo-parameters
  - serverless-dynamodb-local
  - serverless-offline

    useChildProcesses: true
    start: # why doesn't this automatically start?
      port: 4455
      # inMemory: true
      migrate: true
      - dev

LogCat for the issue

Provide logs for the crash here

❯ sls offline
Serverless: Running "serverless" installed locally (in service node_modules)
Serverless: Compiling with Typescript...
Serverless: Using local tsconfig.json
Serverless: Typescript compiled.
Serverless: Watching typescript files...
offline: Starting Offline: dev/eu-west-1.
offline: Offline [http for lambda] listening on http://localhost:3002

   β”‚                                                                                 β”‚
   β”‚   POST | http://localhost:3000/dev......  β”‚                                                                                 β”‚

offline: [HTTP] server ready: http://localhost:3000 πŸš€
offline: Enter "rp" to replay the last request

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Reactions:2
  • Comments:5

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

itsUnsmartcommented, Feb 15, 2021

Yeah, same issue here… you can start it with sls dynamodb start but really needs to auto start with serverless-offline.

Edit: it seems I have found the solution… run serverless offline with the command: serverless offline start

say8425commented, Oct 10, 2021
# βœ… works
sls offline start
serverless offline start
# ❌ not work
sls offline
serverless offline

sls offline and serverless offline dose not start dynamodb-local automatically. But sls offline start and serverless offline start dose start dynamodb-local automatically.

Because serverless-dynamodb-local has hook with before:offline:start.

So you need to add start.

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