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Reduce disk footprint of dependencies

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When analyzing the disk sizes of various dependencies in the node_modules of Chrome DevTools, I discovered core-js-pure which is our 3rd largest dependency at 6.9MB on disk. It appears that aria-query is the only package having a transitive dependency on core-js-pure via @babel/runtime-corejs3.

This package appears to be supporting Node 6, but Node 10 has recently gone EOL. Could you update your Node version compatibility to support those versions supported by Node itself ( and drop your usage of @babel/runtime-corejs3? Looking at the implementation of this package, that seems feasible, as it doesn’t use very many features that Node 12+ don’t support. Hence I think dropping corejs3 usage is feasible.

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  • Created 2 years ago
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eps1loncommented, May 12, 2021

I think it’s better to release a breaking change that is getting rid of some of the modern code/types (I suspect most of the map/set iterable usage is unnecessary) instead of releasing a breaking change that bumps the minimum node version. Downstream packages can adjust their code consuming aria-query but they can’t just bump the minimum node version.

@TimvdLippe I can’t make any statement about the timeframe here. Maybe you can convince your company to sponsor this work if this is such an important consideration for you.

jessebeachcommented, Sep 25, 2021

I’ve got the basics of a fix working that removes the dependency on the Babel Runtime: #250

I’m improving the API on the changes to be more like it was before, but it will be breaking, so we’ll need to do a major release.

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