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Problem Import Public Key in IOS 10

See original GitHub issue

My App in Xamarin IOS there is this exception during ImportPublicKey:


 at PCLCrypto.RsaAsymmetricKeyAlgorithmProvider.ImportPublicKey (System.Byte[] keyBlob, PCLCrypto.CryptographicPublicKeyBlobType blobType) [0x000b4] in <0d3c0b2586f645d4a87ef50f78aa84f8>:0 

Message: SecItemAdd return -34018

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  • State:closed
  • Created 7 years ago
  • Comments:15 (4 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

gregfiskecommented, Nov 30, 2016

I ran across this, too. Seems to be an Xcode issue at the root. Finally found a simple workaround with Xamarin tooling:

  1. Ensure Entitlements.plist exists in project.
  2. Enter “Entitlements.plist” in iOS Bundle Signing -> Custom Entitlements.

With that I was able to get @leastprivilege’s iOSClient sample running on iOS 10 simulator.

ref: for more about the Xcode problem, see and (search the page for 28338972)

scriptamcommented, Jan 24, 2017

Just to supplement @gregfiske’s comment - I was getting the same exception, and the issue was appearing on iOS 10 Simulator.

System.InvalidOperationException: SecItemAdd return -34018 ... at PCLCrypto.RsaAsymmetricKeyAlgorithmProvider.ImportPublicKey

By adding entitlements to iOS Bundle Signing as @gregfiske recommended (yes, even for debug & release and for simulator), the issue was resolved. Just ensure you have corresponding signing identity and provisioning profile for your bundle ID.

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