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ERROR: Cannot install -r python_requirements.txt

See original GitHub issue

While installing when using pip3 install -r python_requirements.txt I get:

ERROR: Cannot install -r python_requirements.txt (line 12), -r python_requirements.txt (line 20), -r python_requirements.txt (line 25), -r python_requirements.txt (line 26), -r python_requirements.txt (line 31), -r python_requirements.txt (line 34), -r python_requirements.txt (line 4), -r python_requirements.txt (line 45), -r python_requirements.txt (line 47), -r python_requirements.txt (line 48), -r python_requirements.txt (line 54), -r python_requirements.txt (line 56) and numpy==1.18.1 because these package versions have conflicting dependencies.

The conflict is caused by:
    The user requested numpy==1.18.1
    audiomate 6.0.0 depends on numpy==1.18.1
    ds-ctcdecoder 0.9.3 depends on numpy>=1.14.5
    h5py 2.10.0 depends on numpy>=1.7
    keras-preprocessing 1.1.2 depends on numpy>=1.9.1
    librosa 0.7.2 depends on numpy>=1.15.0
    numba 0.49.1 depends on numpy>=1.15
    opt-einsum 3.3.0 depends on numpy>=1.7
    resampy 0.2.2 depends on numpy>=1.10
    scikit-learn 0.24.0 depends on numpy>=1.13.3
    scipy 1.4.1 depends on numpy>=1.13.3
    tensorboard 2.4.0 depends on numpy>=1.12.0
    tensorflow 2.4.0 depends on numpy~=1.19.2

To fix this you could try to:
1. loosen the range of package versions you've specified
2. remove package versions to allow pip attempt to solve the dependency conflict

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  • Created 2 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

moejoe95commented, Jun 15, 2021

a solution could be to pass the --no-dependency flag:

pip3 install -r python_requirements.txt --no-dependencies

michelleespranitacommented, Jun 4, 2021

You could try to downgrade your pip version to 20.2.3, which allows you to install packages despite dependency conflicts.

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