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Jobs are failing during the schema registration while writing to kafka from a batch dataframe

See original GitHub issue


We have built an ETL tool( for moving data across many data platforms and we are trying to include Kafka as part of our platform.

we are trying to use this library for writing data to Kafka from a batch dataframe and couldn’t get it to work because of the following error.

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: FACTORY
        at org.apache.avro.Schemas.toString(
        at org.apache.avro.Schemas.toString(
        at io.confluent.kafka.schemaregistry.avro.AvroSchema.canonicalString(
        at io.confluent.kafka.schemaregistry.client.CachedSchemaRegistryClient.registerAndGetId(
        at io.confluent.kafka.schemaregistry.client.CachedSchemaRegistryClient.register(
        at io.confluent.kafka.schemaregistry.client.CachedSchemaRegistryClient.register(
        at io.confluent.kafka.schemaregistry.client.SchemaRegistryClient.register(
        at scala.runtime.java8.JFunction0$mcI$sp.apply(JFunction0$mcI$
        at scala.Option.getOrElse(Option.scala:189)
        at org.example.App$.main(App.scala:37)
        at org.example.App.main(App.scala)
        at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
        at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
        at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
        at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
        at org.apache.spark.deploy.JavaMainApplication.start(SparkApplication.scala:52)
        at org.apache.spark.deploy.SparkSubmit.doRunMain$1(SparkSubmit.scala:180)
        at org.apache.spark.deploy.SparkSubmit.submit(SparkSubmit.scala:203)
        at org.apache.spark.deploy.SparkSubmit.doSubmit(SparkSubmit.scala:90)
        at org.apache.spark.deploy.SparkSubmit$$anon$2.doSubmit(SparkSubmit.scala:1007)
        at org.apache.spark.deploy.SparkSubmit$.main(SparkSubmit.scala:1016)
        at org.apache.spark.deploy.SparkSubmit.main(SparkSubmit.scala)```

This is a bare minimum project which we have written for testing this: before we implement this as part of our tool.

Any immediate help would be greatly appreciated as we are trying to onboard a few users who are on-hold for this functionality. and please feel free to contact us for any questions.

Thanks for looking into this.


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  • Created 3 years ago
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cerveadacommented, Nov 13, 2020

@markovarghese version 4.0.1 that should fix this issue was released.

Would you mind testing if it works as expected?

cerveadacommented, Nov 18, 2020

Thanks for help. I will close this issue, feel free to open a new one if needed.

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