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Hi team, thanks for quickly addressing my other issue today.

First of all: should this issue be a duplicate, my apologies - just link me to the first one; also because SSL support sounds important - perhaps I’m missing something myself; it’s been a long coding day - sorry in advance.

As we make progress, the ArangoDB instance we use works on HTTPS because it is a production one.

When initializing the db with: java -jar admin-0.4.2.jar db-init http+ssl://root:test@<IP>/spline we get: Reached the end of the stream. This version is the latest I see.

We know that this could be caused by the protocol mismatch, but the command works against an unsecure Arango, and we have the suspect that this is just a failed SSL handshake actually. With the official arangosh client, making an unsecure connection to a secure server will fail indeed.

By looking at the code it looks like the builder has no SSL at all, see here, indeed there is only one schema in the admin client, arangodb. In the Java driver they have an example.


The requested feature is to support SSL, possibly with a different scheme, like arangodbs or arangodb+ssl.

Example [Optional]

See the builder example for SSL above from the driver codebase.

Proposed Solution [Optional]

It does not seem like a lot of work so I cannot promise anything but we might submit a patch ourselves - that would take time though.

Thanks again!

cc @patrickdehoon

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wajdacommented, Mar 26, 2020

Ok, please do. We’ll take it from there.

wajdacommented, Apr 8, 2020

The protocol selection topic has moved to #631 arangodbs schema looks good to me for now.

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