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Reported performance on TransE differs significantly (correct hyperparameters used)

See original GitHub issue


Reported performance on TransE differs with paramters given at on FB15K237 dataset

Actual Behavior


mr_score(ranks0) 232.22932772286916 mrr_score(ranks0) 0.23103557722066143 hits_at_n_score(ranks0, n=1) 0.10348370682062824 hits_at_n_score(ranks0, n=3) 0.29459829728936293 hits_at_n_score(ranks0, n=10) 0.4654320383599178 `

Expected Behavior - expected results are posted here with the hyper parameters used.

Steps to Reproduce

`import numpy as np

from sklearn.metrics import brier_score_loss, log_loss from ampligraph.datasets import load_fb15k_237 from ampligraph.latent_features.models import TransE from ampligraph.utils import save_model from ampligraph.evaluation import hits_at_n_score, mr_score, evaluate_performance, mrr_score X = load_fb15k_237() model = TransE(batches_count=64, seed=0, epochs=4000, k=400, eta=30, optimizer=‘adam’, optimizer_params={‘lr’:0.0001}, loss=‘multiclass_nll’, regularizer=‘LP’, regularizer_params={‘lambda’: 0.0001, ‘p’: 2})[‘train’]) save_model(model, model_name_path = ‘transe_seed_0.pkl’) filter = np.concatenate((X[‘train’], X[‘valid’], X[‘test’])) ranks0 = evaluate_performance(X[‘test’], model, filter, verbose=False) mr = mr_score(ranks0) mrr = mrr_score(ranks0) hits_1 = hits_at_n_score(ranks0, n=1) hits_3 = hits_at_n_score(ranks0, n=3) hits_10 = hits_at_n_score(ranks0, n=10)`

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

luffycodescommented, Feb 2, 2021

Got it ! Thanks so much for helping me out with such a detailed reply, and thanks a ton for the code !

sumitpaicommented, Feb 2, 2021

In note, x_filter is set to train + validation + test ? Is it correct to include test in it?

It depends on your use case. If x_test is a set of made up hypothesis - which may or may not be facts, then in that case x_filter shouldn’t contain x_test.

But if x_test is made up of known facts, then we must include it in the filter. This is what is commonly done in the KG community, and is the standard evaluation protocol described in Bordes et al.

Also, can you explain as to how to declare these variables? also, x_valid is set to validation? what does validation variable set to?

What you have done above is correct. ‘x_valid’: X[‘valid’][::2]

You can also set it to X[‘valid’], but we didn’t see much increase/decrease in performance. Each early stopping test takes a lot of time, so we reduce the validation set size just for speed.

We include X[‘test’] in filter for the standard datasets as X[‘test’] triples are known facts.

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