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Channels getting closed due to fee rate differences

See original GitHub issue

Know this is a known issue - but is still and issue! Log below of a burst of closes I got. Errors from Peers: eclairdebug.2018-06-19.log:15:39:42.939 remoteFeeratePerKw=13362 localFeeratePerKw=1891' eclairdebug.2018-06-21.log:13:49:37.221 remoteFeeratePerKw=12147 localFeeratePerKw=500' Errors we sent: eclairdebug.2018-06-17.log:04:59:36.356 remoteFeeratePerKw=3548 localFeeratePerKw=500 eclairdebug.2018-06-19.log:15:39:37.033 remoteFeeratePerKw=1888 localFeeratePerKw=13362 eclairdebug.2018-06-19.log:15:39:37.033 remoteFeeratePerKw=1888 localFeeratePerKw=13362 eclairdebug.2018-06-19.log:15:39:39.071 remoteFeeratePerKw=1888 localFeeratePerKw=13362 eclairdebug.2018-06-20.log:18:39:36.320 remoteFeeratePerKw=768 localFeeratePerKw=37364 eclairdebug.2018-06-21.log:06:39:36.312 remoteFeeratePerKw=41159 localFeeratePerKw=5567 eclairdebug.2018-06-21.log:06:39:36.824 remoteFeeratePerKw=41000 localFeeratePerKw=5567 eclairdebug.2018-06-21.log:06:39:36.824 remoteFeeratePerKw=41159 localFeeratePerKw=5567 eclairdebug.2018-06-21.log:06:39:36.945 remoteFeeratePerKw=41159 localFeeratePerKw=5567 eclairdebug.2018-06-21.log:06:39:37.218 remoteFeeratePerKw=41159 localFeeratePerKw=5567 eclairdebug.2018-06-21.log:09:09:36.312 remoteFeeratePerKw=35500 localFeeratePerKw=924 eclairdebug.2018-06-21.log:12:27:24.182 remoteFeeratePerKw=41000 localFeeratePerKw=500 eclairdebug.2018-06-21.log:13:49:36.579 remoteFeeratePerKw=500 localFeeratePerKw=12147 eclairdebug.2018-06-21.log:16:39:36.323 remoteFeeratePerKw=7489 localFeeratePerKw=1001 eclairdebug.2018-06-21.log:20:39:36.329 remoteFeeratePerKw=25317 localFeeratePerKw=3587 eclairdebug.2018-06-21.log:21:19:50.392 remoteFeeratePerKw=37482 localFeeratePerKw=3601

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  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:8 (7 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

btcontractcommented, Jun 23, 2018

Actually max-feerate-mismatch = 2 would suffice, it’s nonlinear. If only all the peers had the same settings.

sstonecommented, Sep 13, 2018

This is fixed by #684, fee rates mismatch should now be extremely uncommon.

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