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Commitment signature refused by lnd after a fee update

See original GitHub issue

We have a channel with 023668a30d0a27304695df3fb1af55a4fb75153eac34840817cae0e6a57894fd51

We sent an update_fee, then a new signature, and lnd replied with:

rejected commitment: commit_height=9, invalid_sig=3045022100c426d37cb18f9822f389a56dd0c7e0c6ca3f836af6a00177607fc71dcdb90ef502200e66b8bb5c9981d445dc09cd1bd4c352baf5de77003af209a708699183cea072, commit_tx=0200000001fb795318a9250203ae1c74de7723803670eab906c52f5672cbc60957b48903b50100000000e58b1b8001e8090300000000001600148938e6174209d089b10d3553e0af5ef399fea926243dfe20, sig_hash=59b7dc6bd53190ab83a88f51c8969ca1e778ee9c46225cfa05642c4a2d899cb9'

lnd then published their commit tx, which we detected and spent.

@Roasbeef FYI

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  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:14 (5 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

pm47commented, Apr 4, 2018

Ok this looks like a sync issue: the tx you gave is for commit number 2 (0 htlcs), and we are sending a sig for commit number 3. We should be sending the 2 htlcs at reconnection before sending our new sig, maybe we are not? Looking into it…

If we reject a commitment, shoudn’t eclair close the channel? 😉

Eclair would if it received the error message, but connection is already closed it seems and the message doesn’t go through :-p.

pm47commented, Apr 22, 2018

I’m gonna assume that this was related to having multiple htlcs with the same payment_hash, which has been fixed in #553. Will reopen if needed.

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