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Problem with connect to dynamic IP

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Hello, i tested your aplication and saw what in tab “All nodes” don`t showed “IP” pasted_image_at_2017_11_30_01_54_pm

Also i can`t connect to my friend with dynamic ip, for what reason is this and whether there will ever be such an opportunity?

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EndrIIcommented, Nov 30, 2017

this does not solve the problem. We need to create a connection between two users with dynamic ip.

example : Alisa : start eclair on PC with gateway : - it is not global ip, it is first gateway server network mask : public ip

so network route : >> >> … >>

Bob : start eclair on PC with
gateway : - it is not global ip, it is first gateway server network mask : public ip

network route : >> >> … >>

Alice tries to open the channel by using the entry:

pubKey@ but the channel is not created because the eclair is physically located elsewhere.

The same problem is with Bob.

How to solve this problem?

This is a critical problem. it urgently needs to be solved because there is a need to create channels without static ip.

pm47commented, Dec 1, 2017

Alright, so this is not related to dynamic ips.

You need to configure Bob’s router, so that it forwards connections on port 9735 to Aka NAT. It is very similar to what’s needed for bitcoin core (see documentation), except that it is port 9735 instead of 8333.

Note that if you are having trouble doing that, you should probably not be trying to run an alpha-version software like Eclair.

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