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Issue Description

Hello! Thank you for ACRA! I have a small question, could you answer it, please: Is it true that I can’t use both Acra and Instant run? If so is it true that there is a conceptual problem, so it is impossible to achieve this even in future? When I perform code changes I get this: Instant Run applied code changes and restarted the app. The app was restarted since it uses multiple processes. I don’t post any code, because I get this message even in Hello World project (with adding acra as dependency and without adding strings like Acra.init(this))

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  • Created 7 years ago
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robindijkhofcommented, Mar 9, 2017

I found some way to use ACRA with instant run:

Use releaseCompileinstead of compile for ACRA in your gradle build: releaseCompile 'ch.acra:acra:X.X.X'

You probably have some file called MyApplication where you initialize ACRA. This is the same class you use in your manifest under you application tag. This file is in app/src/main/some/path/to/

  1. Copy this file and paste in app/src/debug/some/path/to/ and app/src/release/some/path/to/
  2. Delete app/src/main/some/path/to/
  3. In app/src/debug/some/path/to/ remove anything that has to do something with ACRA

Now you can use ACRA in you release builds and use instant run during debug.

dima74commented, Mar 9, 2017

@robindijkhof, thank you. I don’t code for android anymore, but anyway it is very good that you find solution.

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