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JobSenderService cannot be executed on my device

See original GitHub issue

Customer define YourOwnSender and send method not called and I debug find JobSenderService cannot be start.


  • Android: 10
  • ACRA: implementation “ch.acra:acra-core:5.7.0”
  • Code:
    buildConfigClass = BuildConfig::class,
    reportFormat = StringFormat.JSON,
    applicationLogFile = "applog.log",
    applicationLogFileDir = Directory.FILES,
    reportContent = [ReportField.APP_VERSION_NAME, ReportField.ANDROID_VERSION, ReportField.PHONE_MODEL, ReportField.CUSTOM_DATA, ReportField.STACK_TRACE, ReportField.LOGCAT],
    reportSenderFactoryClasses = [YourOwnSenderfactory::class])
open class MyApplication : Application() {
  override fun attachBaseContext(base: Context?) {
        ACRA.DEV_LOGGING = true
public class YourOwnSenderfactory implements ReportSenderFactory {

    public ReportSender create(Context context, CoreConfiguration config) {
        return new YourOwnSender();

    public boolean enabled(@NonNull CoreConfiguration coreConfig) {
        return true;

public class YourOwnSender implements ReportSender {

    public void send(Context context, CrashReportData report) throws ReportSenderException {
        try {
            Log.e("YourOwnSender", report.toJSON());
        } catch (Exception e) {

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  • State:closed
  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:6 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

F43nd1rcommented, Oct 16, 2020

You got a Xiaomi device?

F43nd1rcommented, Oct 19, 2020

Yeah, a known issue, specifically #804

This isn’t ACRAs fault, Xiaomi messed up their android implementation. We are working on a potential workaround, follow that issue for progress.

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