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Extremely slow cache on self-hosted from time to time

See original GitHub issue

It usually takes a few seconds to load the cache. But from time to time it takes a very long time. In my opinion, this has something to do with the slow operation of the Github API. But I can’t prove it yet.

I would like to have some transparency about what happens when the action returns a response like Received 0 of XXX (0.0%), 0.0 MBs/sec. This will allow us to localize and solve the problem completely, or find a workaround.


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adamshiervanicommented, May 12, 2022

Hey, We are seeing this happening fairly regularly with our customers at BuildJet for GitHub Actions.

Most of the reports in this thread are from people self-hosting, but this issue doesn’t seem to be unique to self-hosting, the hosted runners have the same issue. I don’t know whether you have more insights into workflow runs that use native runners, but here is one example from Google Chrome Lighthouse where the actions/cache@v3 step is failing exactly like described in this thread.

As we have a lot of traffic running on our infrastructure, we really notice when bugs happen with commonly used actions, and we’d be more than happy giving providing you with insights into how users are failing. You can reach me at


levonetcommented, May 12, 2022

There have been no problems in the last month. Знімок екрана 2022-05-12 о 15 40 53

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