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hashFiles() function should accept multiple patterns

See original GitHub issue

Describe the enhancement

I’m using actions/cache with the hashFiles() function as documented. But when multiple match patterns are required for an adequate cache key, it’s gets tedious to write all the functions and I end up with a very long key:

    - name: Restore NuGet package cache
      uses: actions/cache@v1
        path: ${{ github.workspace }}/.nuget/packages
        key: ${{ runner.os }}-nuget-${{ hashFiles('global.json') }}-${{ hashFiles('**/nuget.config') }}-${{ hashFiles('**/*proj') }}-${{ hashFiles('**/*.props') }}-${{ hashFiles('**/*.targets') }}

What I’d like instead is to simplify the key to just:

key: ${{ runner.os }}-nuget-${{ hashFiles('global.json;**/nuget.config;**/*proj;**/*.props;**/*.targets') }}

Notice how I only have to call hashFiles once and the result is a single hash in the key instead of many hyphenated hashes.

Additional information

Jamie Cansdale from GitHub support looked this up for me and reported:

I’ve managed to turn up some documentation for the hashFiles function here:

Unfortunately it includes the following note:

Question: Do we need to support more than one match patterns? Ex: hashFiles(‘**/package-lock.json’, ‘!toolkit/core/package-lock.json’, ‘!toolkit/io/package-lock.json’) Answer: Only support single match pattern for GA, we can always add later.

I looks like the globber uses newlines as a delimiter 😢

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  • Created 4 years ago
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  • Comments:9 (1 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

ericsciplecommented, Jul 21, 2020

@sagikazarmark hashFiles accepts multiple parameters now. I forgot to update the issue.

ericsciplecommented, Jan 24, 2020

We’re planning to add as separate parameters: hashFiles('**/package-lock.json', '!toolkit/core/package-lock.json', ...). Hopefully will get to this soon

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