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Yarn is not installed

See original GitHub issue

We are using a self-hosted runner and using this action to setup-node and install yarn.

I know on github-hosted runners, yarn is already pre-installed but it would be good if yarn was installed by this action for those of us using self-hosted.

Running setup-node with the following workflow and it works

    node-version: 12.13.0
    always-auth: true

/usr/bin/tar xz --warning=no-unknown-keyword -C /actions-runner/_work/_temp/febce1c0-314e-4a14-9a65-5bde8a990b71 -f /actions-runner/_work/_temp/d4bf33ab-571e-458e-9495-bd6c5b994814
/actions-runner/_work/_tool/node/12.13.0/x64/bin/node --version
/actions-runner/_work/_tool/node/12.13.0/x64/bin/npm --version

Note that node and npm are installed.

A later step in the workflow then attempts to run yarn:

Run yarn install --ignore-scripts --frozen-lockfile
/actions-runner/_work/_temp/ line 1: yarn: command not found
##[error]Process completed with exit code 127.

This of course works on github hosted runners just fine, but since I just migrated to an EC2 instance that doesn’t have yarn installed, I am now having issues.

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

GoldFlshcommented, Nov 10, 2020

Workaround is to install yarn yourself using npm (after running this action)

- name: Install Yarn
   run: npm install -g yarn

and later can uninstall it -

- name: Uninstall Yarn
   if: always()
   run: npm uninstall -g yarn

While this works, I find it rather hacky. It would be good for this action to not need to rely on github’s instances to have yarn package installed.

EDIT: I wanted to add the documentation acts as if yarn is a given, since it has sections on usage with yarn Publish to npmjs and GPR with yarn:. Perhaps some clarification in that section that if you’re on self-hosted runners you will need to install yarn yourself via npm install -g yarn and uninstall it at the end of your job with npm uninstall -g yarn

davide-bertola-deltatrecommented, Nov 4, 2021

Note that if you use with: cache: yarn this action will fail if you don’t have yarn pre-installed… But since you need node to install yarn… you can’t get out of this without running this action twice or using other actions.

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