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Confusing API Documentation for PProPanel

See original GitHub issue

There are several APIs listed in the PProPanel sample project’s api_doc.html documentation that have misleading explanations. Specifically, the return value explanation is frequently at odds with the actual value returned. An example is Project.ImportFiles:

Returns 0 if Premiere Pro successfully imports the array of file paths. If suppressUI is true, no UI will be presented. if importAsNumberedStills is true, Premiere Pro will attempt to import the array as a still image sequence.

The documentation suggests that the function should return a falsey 0 in the case that the import was successful. Currently, and this is another bug, the example above always returns a boolean value of true, both on success and failure (testing was conducted with audio files).

This is the case for Premiere Pro 2017.1.

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  • Created 6 years ago
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bbb999commented, May 19, 2017

Much of the documentation effort could be thought of as pre-empting questions. 😉

VERY true—and it’s a worthwhile pursuit.

ericdrobinsoncommented, May 19, 2017
  1. Hmm… It sounds like documentation is getting overhauled so I understand hesitance in investing much time into this. In the meantime, for sleuths like myself, the “what does the boolean return value suggested by the OMV mean?” will continue to be a thing. If the chance arises, perhaps something like “The return value does not provide any useful information [and should be ignored]”? (Something like this obviously isn’t necessary for void functions.) Much of the documentation effort could be thought of as pre-empting questions. 😉
  2. Cool. It’s interesting to hear that the OMV has some of the documentation wrong. It’s a bit of a bummer as I used it to help generate a Premiere Pro Type Declarations file (as you’re aware). Will have to proceed with caution where Premiere Pro ExtendScript API usage is concerned, I guess.

I wish you and the team luck on the documentation work!

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