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I used the mruby example and got this just when starting up:

┘mutation error: No such file or directory

[-] PROGRAM ABORT : Error in custom_fuzz. Size returned: 0
         Location : fuzz_one_original(), src/afl-fuzz-one.c:1747

It should all be there:

afl-fuzz -i in -o out -- mruby/bin/mruby @@
ls out/trees/
id:000070,time:0,orig:70  id:000156,time:0,orig:156  id:000242,time:0,orig:242
id:000071,time:0,orig:71  id:000157,time:0,orig:157  id:000243,time:0,orig:243
id:000072,time:0,orig:72  id:000158,time:0,orig:158  id:000244,time:0,orig:244
id:000073,time:0,orig:73  id:000159,time:0,orig:159  id:000245,time:0,orig:245

more feedback:

  • IMHO the GRAMMAR_FILE env var should always be required. having a JSON default is not helpful.

  • ./grammar_generator 123 100 1000 /tmp/seeds /tmp/trees -> not found. it is src/grammar_generator. better copy the grammar_generator and the .so to the project root when done compiling, maybe even with the grammar type in their filename?

export export AFL_CUSTOM_MUTATOR_LIBRARY=/path/to/ -> double export, also again below

dont put -o to /tmp, this is not best practice. just leave paths away so the example work in the the current directory

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  • State:closed
  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:18 (10 by maintainers)

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h1994stcommented, Aug 28, 2020

this code fragment looks pointless:

  size_t      fn_len = strlen(fn);
  strncpy(data->new_tree_fn, fn, fn_len);
  data->new_tree_fn[fn_len] = '\0';

this is basically a strcpy(data->new_tree_fn, fn) just split to be 3 lines instead of one. if you dont want a buffer overflow (unlikely with PATH_MAX though) switch fn_len with PATH_MAX - 1 in line 2 and 3

It’s my fault. I wrongly think strncpy is a safer version of strcpy, but the destination string after strncpy is sometimes not null-terminated. I changed it to snprintf, which also avoids the buffer overflow.

h1994stcommented, Aug 31, 2020

Thanks! I have submitted the final evaluation.

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