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the voice helpers are very interesting; what approach do we take? plain xml response? or command to construct xml ? The helpers will be great, this will make voice so easy 👍

voice.say("X is a letter! It's not a word") 

Here the approach is to wrap say around root xml response - what of nested commands? and attributes, how to create the xml response?

Of course this is for incoming calls, with the callback url handler. is ok. I don’t think there’s much there. I mean initiating a call.

voice.say("say something", voice="woman") // ?

Say then Play a URL

<Say>Please listen to our awesome record</Say>
<Play url=""/>
voice.say("Hi, listen to", play=url)

and how do we wrap getDigits when we say?

voice.say("say something I'm giving ... ", voice=woman, getDigits=True, record=True) // ?
// sadly without named parameters
// also, recording - maybe an attribute to be set

call redirect?

if (dtmfDigit === '9') {

then, this would be expected.

  <Dial phoneNumbers="+254711XXXYYY,+254733YYYZZZ," ringBackTone="" record="true" sequential="true"/>

maps to

// callerId specific to calling out from SIP
voice.dial(phoneNumbers=phones, maxDurationInSec=10, record=True, 
                ringBackTone="some_url", sequential="True", callerId="some_num");

Problem with this is that we need all possible mappings, and I think there’s many cases, we might miss a few and not generate a proper functional XML string, but the XML response will still work.

So, basically we generate this by passing attributes on a command, is this a good approach? we also need a SIP section, will look at this later.

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aksaljcommented, Jan 13, 2017

Could something like this be a good solution?

// example (express)'/callback/voice', new AfricasTalking.VOICE.CallHandler((phoneCall) => {
    var session = phoneCall.session;
    if (phoneCall.isActive) {
    } else if (phoneCall.isCompleted){
    var response = voice.builder()
        .say("UI", {voice: "woman"})
        .getDigits("SW", {say:{voice: "man"}})
        //... more say(), play(), record(), etc.
    phoneCall.respond(null, response);
ianjumacommented, Jan 13, 2017

that’s perfect! awesome! this will make it so easy to build voice apps on node 💯

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