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When displaying a video on top of a video using the RtcRemoteView.SurfaceView component, borderRadius not working with zOrderOnTop

See original GitHub issue

Trying to display a video on top of another video. The bottom video is a fullscreen video. // FullVideo.js <View fullScreen style={{ position: 'absolute', top: 0, left: 0, zIndex: 0}}> <RtcRemoteView.SurfaceView style={{ flex: 1 }} uid={uid} channelId={channelId} renderMode= {VideoRenderMode.Hidden} zOrderMediaOverlay />} </View>

Another video is displayed as absolute positioned, on top of it. // SmallVideo.js <View style={{ width, height, borderRadius: 10, overflow: 'hidden', zIndex: 2 }}> <RtcRemoteView.SurfaceView style={{ flex: 1 }} uid={uid} channelId={channelId} renderMode={VideoRenderMode.Hidden} zOrderOnTop /> </View>

When in SmallVideo.js the zOrderMediaOverlay prop is set, the View becomes TRANSPARENT When in SmallVideo.js the zOrderOnTop prop is set, borderRadius does not work even with overflow hidden

Even zIndex in the SurfaceView style doesn’t have any effect. Is there something missing here? I am using the react native v0.63.3

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  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:8

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louxinbocommented, May 19, 2021

@dylancolin Did you try to use RtcRemoteView.TextureView? The borderRadius did not work for me, when I used SurfaceView, after I changed to TextureView then it worked.

LichKing-2234commented, May 20, 2021

seem like the issue has been solved.

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