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Cannot get seeds from give command

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Issue Description

I’m trying to use the following command to get potato seeds, but I always get aurigold seeds.

/give Player agricraft:agri_seed 1 0 {agri_seed:"potato_plant"}

Is something wrong in the command?

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  • State:closed
  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:10 (3 by maintainers)

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quixQuerycommented, Apr 6, 2017

Use ALL the NBT tags. Note: this cannot be done in chat, it must be done via command block because the code is too long.

NBT tags: agri_seed agri_strength agri_growth agri_gain agri_analyzed

example: /give Player agricraft:agri_seed 1 0 {agri_seed:"sugarcane_plant", agri_analyzed:0b, agri_strength:1b, agri_gain:1b, agri_growth:1b }

How did I figure this out? F3 + H and looking at the NBT data tags on an already spawned in seed. I tried adding tags in one at a time, getting the “generic seed” every time until I tried all the tags.

Why are the "b"s there? Ask the mod dev. I honestly have no clue.

How the give command works: /give Player mod:item numberOfItem Meta {NBT tags}

Now if you find a way to get this to work with crafttweaker and modtweaker scripts let me know please 😃.

TehNutcommented, Apr 6, 2017

The b stands for byte. It’s there so MC knows to deserialize it as a byte instead of an int.

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