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List queries with airtable backend and Rest API / How to do the load more query in the frontend?

See original GitHub issue


If I start from the api documentation to make a list requests to a table. We figure out that the call is sequential, so there is no way to call page 4 before having fetched page 1, 2, 3… and the fetchNextPage(); function allow to call next page in the backend.

    // Selecting the first 3 records in db:
    maxRecords: 3,
    view: "db"
}).eachPage(function page(records, fetchNextPage) {
    // This function (`page`) will get called for each page of records.

    records.forEach(function(record) {
        console.log('Retrieved', record.get('title'));

    // To fetch the next page of records, call `fetchNextPage`.
    // If there are more records, `page` will get called again.
    // If there are no more records, `done` will get called.

}, function done(err) {
    if (err) { console.error(err); return; }

But how can we use that in the front end (using the node.js airtable.js in the backend).

I make a first query from the front. The backend give me only the first 3 results. Then which query should I make from the front so that the backend do no need to make again the query for the first 3 results so that I can get next results ?

If I do all from the frontend, I can assign the fetchNextPage(); to the load more button.

But if I want to use a node.js api ?

Not possible @kasrak

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  • Created 7 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

eorroecommented, Feb 20, 2018

Please add a way to pass offset value to the firstPage() method to allow this

ChristianBell1995commented, Oct 12, 2020

Can we reopen this issue? I would be very grateful for the addition of this feature!

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