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darkMode option with templating does not work correctly

See original GitHub issue

Version: v0.1.4

My Home Assistant backend-selected theme changes based on sun entity. Automation for that uses this blueprint.

This is my sun card configuration:

type: 'custom:sun-card'
darkMode: '{{ is_state("sun.sun", "below_horizon") }}'

I tried converting it to string too (see below).

Issue: The card does not change appearance correctly. It is constantly rendered as if darkMode was set to True.

Templating outputs:

{{ is_state("sun.sun", "below_horizon") }}                         # False

{{ is_state("sun.sun", "below_horizon") is boolean }}              # True

{{ is_state("sun.sun", "below_horizon") | string }}                # False

{{ (is_state("sun.sun", "below_horizon") | string) is boolean }}   # False

I tried {{ (states("sun.sun") == "below_horizon") }} too but it gives same results.

  1. What would the correct/working configuration look like?
  2. DIfferent Lovelace cards don’t have darkMode option in configuration and they render correctly. Is that because they use themes colour palette for fonts? Why it’s not the case with sun-card?

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  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:7 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

ronaldheftcommented, Jul 15, 2021

I managed to work around this with card-mod:

- type: custom:sun-card
  entity: sun.sun
  timeFormat: 12h
    style: |
      .sun-card.sun-card-light {
        --sun-card-lines: var(--disabled-text-color) !important;
        --sun-card-text-color: var(--primary-text-color) !important;
        --sun-card-subtitle-color: var(--secondary-text-color) !important;
bigmak40commented, Jun 9, 2021

I would just do this via a conditional. The below works great.

type: entities
  - type: conditional
      - entity: sun.sun
        state: below_horizon
      type: custom:sun-card
      darkMode: true
  - type: conditional
      - entity: sun.sun
        state: above_horizon
      type: custom:sun-card
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