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'ProgbarLogger' object has no attribute 'log_values'

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Issue Description

Hello, I am facing the specified error with the following config :

OS : Ubuntu 18.04 Tensorflow: 1.15.04 Keras : 2.3.1


    "model" : {
        "type":                 "Classifier",
        "architecture":         "NASNetMobile",
        "input_size":           224,
        "fully-connected":      [],
        "labels":               [],
        "dropout" : 		    0.2
     "weights" : {
            "full":   				"",
            "backend":   		    "imagenet",
            "save_bottleneck":      false
    "train" : {
        "actual_epoch":         100,
        "train_image_folder":   "/mnt/0d2701de-7997-4d53-99fb-0c9de0a116c9/K210_tools/data/fire_dataset/cat_imaages",
        "train_times":          1,
        "valid_image_folder":   "/mnt/0d2701de-7997-4d53-99fb-0c9de0a116c9/K210_tools/data/fire_dataset/non_cat_images",
        "valid_times":          1,
        "valid_metric":         "val_accuracy",
        "batch_size":           16,
        "learning_rate":        1e-3,
        "saved_folder":   		"cat",
        "first_trainable_layer": "",
        "augumentation":		 true
    "converter" : {
        "type":   				["k210"]

When i run python -c ../configs/cat_classifier.json i get the following error AttributeError: 'ProgbarLogger' object has no attribute 'log_values' I have tried adding " dense " to the first_trainable_layer but i get a different error Exception: First trainable layer specified in config file is not in the model Also i have tried with the dogs_classifier with the provided data from the sample_datasets and the result is the same.

Thank you for your time!

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  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:8 (5 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

AIWintermuteAIcommented, Feb 7, 2021

Okay, great! I actually knew something is wrong with folder structure when you wrote to me on LinkedIn, I just decided it’s better to have it on GitHub issues in case someone else encounters similar problem 😃 Closing the issue.

spstrademarkcommented, Feb 7, 2021

Hello, With the provided structure of folders it worked! Thank you for your time

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