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Override style not working

See original GitHub issue

Hello, I did:

import { setCustomTextInput } from "react-native-global-props";
const customTextInputProps = {
  style: {
    //fontFamily: theme.fontFamily.regular,
    //color: theme.colors.text,

    backgroundColor: "#E0E7FF33",
    borderColor: "#E0E7FF",
    borderRadius: 5,
    borderWidth: 1,
    marginVertical: 5,
    paddingVertical: 7,
    paddingHorizontal: 18,
    fontSize: 14,
    fontFamily: theme.fontFamily.regular,
    //color: "red"


If I write:

<TextInput value={code} />

The global styles are applied correctly

But if I try to override one property of the style for a particular TextInput, the global styles dissapear, for example writting:

   style={{color: "red"}}

It only apply the red color, and the rest of the style is gone. No border, no padding, etc.

What I’m doing wrong?

If I do:

   style={[, {color: "red"}]}

It worked as expected… But then… whats the point using this library?

Can you help me please?

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:8

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cinnamonponcommented, Nov 23, 2021

To anyone experiencing this issue, it seems this only happens when Hermes is enabled. it worked as expected when I disabled Hermes in the project.

djiworkscommented, Sep 12, 2022

Is there any plan to make it work with Hermes please ?

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