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Coverage report not generated

See original GitHub issue

I’m testing Peeky and I setup it to generate the coverage report as described in the docs [] but the folder isn’t created nor the files

This is how I have it on my vite.config file

export default defineConfig(({ mode }) => {
    process.env = {
        ...loadEnv(mode, process.cwd()),
    const brand = process.env.VITE_APP_BRAND;

    return {
        test: {
            // Peeky options here...
            runtimeEnv: 'dom',
            collectCoverage: true,
        coverageOptions: {
            reportsDirectory: './coverage',
            excludeNodeModules: true,
            exclude: [
            reporter: ['text', 'html'],
            extension: ['.js', '.cjs', '.mjs', '.ts', '.tsx', '.jsx', '.vue'],

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  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:7 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Akryumcommented, Feb 22, 2022

Looks like you are using an older version of peeky.

victorlmnevescommented, Feb 23, 2022

@Akryum I already knew about that issue, but I believe you were using a different tool before as I went to check the changes, and C8 was added now. But yeah, looks like I need to wait for them to fix it as I don’t have the knowledge to do it. I just mention it because I did a POC with Peeky and Vitest to choose one to add to the project that we are starting and the team has pointed it as an extra point compared to Vitest to have on the report, Vue files that didn’t have a test. Thanks

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