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Running SSR Server does not work with Typescript

See original GitHub issue

I’m evaluating this plugin to use with a Vue-CLI project created with Typescript.

Repro steps: vue create new-project vue add @vue/typescript vue add @akryum/ssr npm run ssr:serve

Result: When opening localhost:8000, I get an error from the server on initial render: TypeError: runner is not a function.

Expected Result: Example app renders as expected.

Let me know if this is on the radar already? I’m pretty interested in this project so I would be happy to attempt to contribute a solution to this issue.

demo repo:

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nether-catcommented, Jun 3, 2019

I’ve managed to come up with a solution. This whole Vue CLI + webpack configuration topic could be even better documented than it already is… The thing with the changes in a4ee8e4 is, that the plugin is adopting the “new” chainWebpack API there, which actually makes things a lot easier and at least opens up many possibilities to plugin developers in general.

What’s bad is that by default the chainWebpack hooks from @vue/cli-plugin-typescript run later than the ones from this plugin, given that they are both listed in the same group of dependencies in package.json, while dependencies run after devDependencies. One can change the alphabetical order by hand, which I did and my issue was immediately gone. Under circumstances the Vue’s typescript plugin overrides the critical option with its default value ./src/main.ts.

–> responsible lines of code here.

Akryumcommented, Jun 6, 2019

Plugin ordering is on our radar for v4

Read more comments on GitHub >

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