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This issue tracks SHACL support in RDFUnit


  • sh:targetNode
  • sh:targetClass
  • sh:targetSubjecsOf
  • sh:targetObjects

SHACL Core Constraint Components

  • sh:class
  • sh:datatype
  • sh:nodeKind
  • sh:minCount
  • sh:maxCount
  • sh:minExclusive
  • sh:minInclusive
  • sh:maxExclusive
  • sh:maxInclusive
  • sh:minLength
  • sh:maxLength
  • sh:pattern
  • sh:languageIn (does not yet match cases like @en / @en-us, only works for exact matches for now)
  • sh:uniqueLang
  • sh:equals
  • sh:disjoint
  • sh:lessThan
  • sh:lessThanOrEquals
  • sh:not
  • sh:and (partial support in top-level sh:and constraints)
  • sh:or
  • sh:xone
  • sh:node
  • sh:property
  • sh:qualifiedValueShape, sh:qualifiedMinCount, sh:qualifiedMaxCount
  • sh:closed, sh:ignoredProperties
  • sh:hasValue
  • sh:in

SPARQL-based Constraints

  • Almost fully supported
    • shapesGraph prebinding is not supported
    • currentShape prebinding is not supported
    • projection expressions in SPARQL queries are not yet supported e.g. the path variable in SELECT ?this (<a> AS ?path) WHERE {...} is not yet supported (planned to be). what can be done instead for now is SELECT ?this ?path WHERE { BIND(<a> AS ?path) ...}

SPARQL-based Constraint Components

  • Supported
    • noticed some strange behavior in complex ASK-based validators and node constraints that is investigated. simple ASK-based validators that contain only a filter clause are well supported.

Actually, all of the supported SHACL-Core is defined in this document which are SPARQL-based Constraint Components

Some pre-binding corner cases are not covered yet and are under development (see implementation report (to be submitted soon))

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

jimkontcommented, Aug 19, 2017

Hi, for those following this issue (cc/ @akuckartz , @nandana , @chile12 , @gcpdev, @seebi) the description is now updated to the latest SHACL support from RDFUnit. Thanks to @neradis an implementation report will be submitted soon and a new artifact will be published to maven central after some polishing. Until then, you can use latest master branch for testing.

Any feedback / bug reports are more than welcome

tomas-knapcommented, Aug 21, 2017

Great, we will try it out!

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