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Proposal: remove this.colorPickerChange from the directive in ngOnInit()

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Issue Description

I don’t know if it’s a smart thing to do. But in my project I have a service who’s setting style settings on dynamic created components. But because of the this.colorPickerChange event that’s fired in the ngOnInit of the color-picker.directive.ts, the default settings are directly overwritten with the settings of the color picker directive, since I myself trigger a custom event.

changeTemplateStyle (sections: Array<string>, property: string, value: string) {
  this.templateService.updateTemplateStyle(sections, property, value);

Whereas I think it would be better that the color picker colors aren’t being changed until the color picker itself has been clicked on and a color has been selected. By removing that line, my app now runs fine and only when I open the color picker and select a new color all my other colors are updated and as my components are dynamically created.

ngOnInit() {
  var hsva = this.service.stringToHsva(this.colorPicker);
  if (hsva == null) {
    hsva = this.service.stringToHsva(this.cpFallbackColor);
  this.colorPickerChange.emit(this.service.outputFormat(hsva, this.cpOutputFormat));

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  • Created 7 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

no-morecommented, Dec 28, 2016


I think I have the same issue, change event is triggered when my components init, and so I mark my form as dirty by error. It would be great to not trigger the event on input changes or at least not on creation.


wartabcommented, Jun 25, 2017

@renaudaste angular2-color-picker is not maintained anymore. Use this instead:

It is a drop in replacement for this package and should work out of the box with bug fixes and added features. Should your use case not be covered yet in it, feel free to report it there.

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