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Batch operation cache issue

See original GitHub issue

var dynamicsWebApi = proEVENTS.WebResource.EventConfigurationHelper.Form.getApiObject();
                    // creates configuration and autonumbers in batch
                    dynamicsWebApi.create(configuration, "new_eventconfigurations");
                    dynamicsWebApi.create(autoNumbers1, "new_eventautonumbers");
                    dynamicsWebApi.create(autoNumbers2, "new_eventautonumbers");
                    dynamicsWebApi.create(autoNumbers3, "new_eventautonumbers");

                    dynamicsWebApi.executeBatch().then(function (responses) {
                        // read responses to fill the lookup
                        var configuration = responses[0];
                        var invitation = responses[1];
                        var registration = responses[2];
                        var event = responses[3];

                        //lookup needs odata
                        var configurationInvitationLookup = {
                            "new_Eventinvitation@odata.bind": "new_eventautonumbers(" + invitation + ")"

                        // lookup for registration
                        var configurationRegistrationLookup = {
                            "new_Eventregistration@odata.bind": "new_eventautonumbers(" + registration + ")"

                        // lookup for event
                        var configurationEventLookup = {
                            "new_Event@odata.bind": "new_eventautonumbers(" + event + ")"
                        // start batch operation to fill the lookups
                        // lookup fill by configuration id, and autonumber id

                        dynamicsWebApi.update(configuration, "new_eventconfigurations", configurationInvitationLookup);
                        dynamicsWebApi.update(configuration, "new_eventconfigurations", configurationRegistrationLookup);
                        dynamicsWebApi.update(configuration, "new_eventconfigurations", configurationEventLookup);
                        dynamicsWebApi.executeBatch().then(function (responsesUpdate) {

                            var serverURL = window.parent.Xrm.Page.context.getClientUrl();
                            $('#conf').attr('src', serverURL + "/main.aspx?etn=new_eventconfiguration&id={" + configuration + "}&newWindow=true&pagetype=entityrecord");

This code works in batch mode on a button click. Everything runs fine on the first click. if I click it again the update part does not work. If I refresh the page and try again it works but not for the second time. What can be the issue?

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  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:6 (3 by maintainers)

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omarranacommented, May 9, 2019

hi @AleksandrRogov thankyou for your comments, you can close the this it was not a bug, i had a create call just before the batch operation, and that conflicted each other. For data protection could you remove your last comment where my prefix is shown? I already edited my original.

AleksandrRogovcommented, May 8, 2019

hi @omarrana I tested it in Chrome as well, I did not have any error. can you give me raw requests and responses from CRM? you can catch them using network tab in the developer panel. thanks

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