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Status not correct when sleeping

See original GitHub issue


Status not correct when asleep and wake not working


I can successfully switch off my mac but not waking up. Also, the switch turns off, but after a couple of seconds the status is on again even thought the mac is still sleeping.

If i run the wakeCommand from the terminal the mac wakes up correctly.


My configuration looks like this:

            "accessory": "NetworkDevice",
            "name": "Macbook Pro",
            "mac": <mac-address>,
            "ip": "",
            "pingInterval": 20,
            "wakeGraceTime": 10,
            "wakeCommand": "ssh user@ caffeinate -u -t 300",
            "shutdownGraceTime": 15,
            "shutdownCommand": "ssh user@ pmset sleepnow"


  • os & os version: Raspbian GNU/Linux 9
  • node version: v8.11.3
  • homebridge version: v0.4.44
  • homebridge-wol version: v3.2.4


Jul 26 19:57:37 pi homebridge[419]: [2018-7-26 19:57:37] [Macbook Pro] NetworkDevice shutdown cycle started for "Macbook Pro" (
Jul 26 19:57:37 pi homebridge[419]: [2018-7-26 19:57:37] [Macbook Pro] Attempting to shut down "Macbook Pro" ( using "ssh user@ pmset sleepnow"
Jul 26 19:57:37 pi homebridge[419]: [2018-7-26 19:57:37] [Macbook Pro] NetworkDevice "Macbook Pro" ( went from status "Online" to "Shutting Down"
Jul 26 19:57:52 pi homebridge[419]: [2018-7-26 19:57:52] [Macbook Pro] NetworkDevice "Macbook Pro" ( went from status "Shutting Down" to "Online"

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  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:16 (10 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

AlexGustafssoncommented, Jan 16, 2019

@netmikey Sounds good to me. I’ll have some time next week to take a long-needed look into the state of this plugin.

AlexGustafssoncommented, Dec 28, 2019

I’ve rewritten almost all of the plugin to use more modern features of JS which should help readability and stability.

Please try the latest version (currently available in the master branch) and open new issues if any of you feel like this has not been resolved.

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